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The Daughter of Shifra

As the daughter of pastors, Min. Tisa  Joyner-Nance has worked in ministry since a young teenager. While having served in multiple ministerial capacities, she considers her primary ministry to be that of a midwife; one called to assist women & men of all ages, in various stages of their lives, as they give birth to the plans and purposes God has for them. 


Min. Tisa has worked for over 20 years in social services as an advocate for women and children who have suffered abuse and/or neglect. Her experience, expertise and gifts have enabled her to advance from doing direct service to training service workers, community leaders and clergy of various faiths. Through a partnership with the City University of New York School of Professional Studies, Tisa is the Deputy Director of the Learning and Development Project Management Office for the Administration for Children Services (ACS) Workforce Institute.  Here she is responsible for overseeing the development of learning programs for Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice professionals within ACS and across the five boroughs.  Tisa is also an adjunct professor for Essex County Community College.and The New York Theological Seminary.


Min. Tisa has a BA in Forensic Psychology, and a Master of Public Administration from John Jay

College of Criminal Justice.  She has also earned a Master of Divinity with a certificate in Spiritual Formation from Drew Theological  School, where she was also the recipient of the John Heston Willey Prize for pulpit and oratory manner.

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The Labor & Delivery Room

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About Spiritual Midwifery

Helping you give birth to something new

In this journey of faith, there comes a time when we find ourselves searching, groaning to understand and fulfill our God given purpose, especially in the midst of doubt and fear.  Spiritual Midwifery offers you the guidance, the compassion and the accountability you need so you won't give up (abort) or lose hope (miscarry) but instead push until you give birth to your purpose.

Holding Hands


Why am I here? And what should I be doing?

Have you ever been praying, searching and wandering through life trying to answer the question of why God has you here on this earth? Did you think you once knew your purpose but now through a series of life events, feel lost and unsure of what you are doing and if you should be doing it? Through Holy Listening, spiritual midwifery, can help you discern the what, when, where and how of finding your purpose and birthing something new.



Why does it feel so hard and hurt so bad?

When we've discerned who God is calling us to be and what God is calling us to do, we become pregnant with purpose. It's an exciting time. But the closer we get to the birthing stage of the journey, the days can become long and the nights hard. Getting in the birthing position is uncomfortable and can even be painful. The stakes are high... the enemy tries his best to force a miscarriage or make you give birth prematurely. Travailing becomes necessary. But through spiritual warfare, intercession and direction, Spiritual Midwifery walks alongside you, carefully guiding you as you push through the darkness, push through the pain and intentionally travail to bring forth something new, at the right time, in the right place.



What Now?

Depending on how long you've been in the birthing position, you can get so used to struggling that now that you've given birth, you're unsure of what to do next. Knowing how to now nurture, support and develop your purpose doesn't come overnight. Spiritual midwifery works with you to discover the best way to grow and develop what God has birthed through you.

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